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About Us

About Us

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Initiation to Execution made simple!

Kashden Consulting Group is a leading firm specializing in results-driven solutions to the challenges business leaders face every day. We collect relevant data to interpret and analyze the problems, create changes and deliver solutions to see enduring desired results.

25+ Years of Proven Experience

Suresh Kumar – a seasoned business leader – who has built his business from the ground up leads the firm. He has personally experienced the ups and downs that come with building a business and can easily relate to his clients. At Kashden, we are decisive, action-oriented and results focused professionals with over 25 years of experience as entrepreneurs.

We work with start-up businesses that are already established and those looking to get their foot in the door and take the leap towards starting a business. We have been collaborating with businesses since 2001, as well as politicians from various levels of government, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, service providers, franchisees and home-based enterprises.

Build Your Business on the Fast Lane.

Kashden makes it easier for business leaders to execute on their most important strategic initiatives. Trusted by clients across the GTA, Kashden helps businesses to organize, understand, and best optimize their resources. (Repetitive from the home page – consider rewriting or excluding)

Accelerate growth with strategic agility.

We continually strive to keep our clients at the forefront of the industry in their markets. Our highly knowledgeable and passionate marketing team takes pride in offering top-of-the-line expert service. Our ground breaking work is what keeps our clients coming back.

Suresh demonstrated a high level of competency and skill in producing results that were of high quality, and demonstrated expertise like I’ve never seen before. Suresh is a hard working, intelligent and highly skilled individual. Any company should be grateful to hire him and his staff. Suresh makes an ideal consultant for any organization.
-Donald Blair


Our Mision IsBest In The Business!

Welcome to Kashden Business Consulting.

Around the world, all great organizations built over time have one thing in common – dedicated people who work hard and refuse to compromise. At Kashden Business Consulting, we are fortunate to collaborate with expert business partners.

As a specialized business-consulting firm, our professionals are committed to being innovative and client-centric. We deliver exceptional research and consultancy services on a global basis. Our team provides practical advice that gives a new perspective to consulting projects.

We have grown from our humble beginnings to become one of the GTA’s most preferred business consulting firms, giving our clients access to unparalleled global resources.

Our goal is simple – we want to be our clients’ preferred provider for business consulting projects to ensure that their businesses, like ours, continues to grow and compete.

Kashden continues to propel ahead by actively engaging with our partners and clients to build relationships and foster growth.  Our clients and partners know they can trust us to deliver to their needs and that we will continually strive to enhance our services.

Come share our journey, share the future.


Marketing Solutions

What We DoOur Big Solutions


Branding,Social Media,Networking Events and E-mail marketing.

Branding, Social Media, Networking Events and E-mail marketing.

I have had the privilege of working with Suresh on several web-enabled projects including new brand launch. He brought fresh insights to the project and helped us with establishing channel networks! -David Peters

Initiation, Plan & Preparation, Execution, Monitor, Control, Complete and Launch

Suresh has demonstrated excellent organizational skill, and with his knowledge in IT programmer, Suresh was ready to troubleshoot any difficulties I had. Suresh is very enthusiastic and easy to get along with, and can inspire others to make a friendly work environment! -Ben Zuniga

Thinkin gof buying or selling a business? We can assist you!

Change Management, Improvement Strategies, Customer Experience and Management.

Business Plan, Set Measurable Goals, Market Research and Expand Customer Base.

Marketing Solutions 85%
Technology Solutions 70%
Project Management 90%
Mergers and Acquisitions 78%
Process Improvement 70%
Start-up Strategies 90%


Happy with Customers & Clients

“I have worked with Suresh while I was the Director of IT at Queens Park for the Ontario PC Party, and the Manager of IT at Innocean Worldwide Canada. He demonstrated a high level of competency and skill in producing results that were of high quality and expertise like I’ve never seen before.”

Donald Blair
Director, Information TechnologyITrax Technologies Partnership